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Steph Can't Wait to Use This Lightweight Body Lotion All Summer

It also exfoliates!
Flamingo Body Lotion, $9, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Flamingo

Flamingo Body Lotion, $9, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Flamingo

I've made it known on this very site that I really, really love body lotion. I can't stand even the faintest whiff of that dry-skin feeling, and I really don't mind being a little greasy most of the time. I also know that — much like my ongoing disinterest in watching "Game of Thrones" — I'm in the absolute minority here. But as someone who is often running late, I can appreciate just how annoying it is to be all slathered in body cream or oil and have to wait a solid 20 minutes before I'm able to easily slip into a pair of jeans. I mean, I have a life! I have "Game of Thrones" episodes to be defiantly not watching for no real reason!

That's why Nécessaire's body lotion was a real game changer for me; it satisfyingly moisturizes and also absorbs amazingly quickly. But it's also $25, and so I'd been looking around for a more budget-friendly option to recommend to all those heavy-body-lotion haters out there. Enter: Flamingo's $9 version

Developed by direct-to-consumer women's body care brand Flamingo, its aim is to keep skin both hydrated and smooth; it contains willowbark and papaya extract for gentle exfoliation, as well as hydrators and smoothing agents, like glycerin, squalane and dimethicone. An astonishingly lightweight cream, it also absorbs in a matter of seconds. I can apply it then pull jeans literally a minute later without that icky, sticky feeling, even when it's humid out.

Unlike Nécessaire's version, this formula does have a scent to it, and in my opinion it's a downright heavenly one: a delicate, slightly musky blend of pear and vetiver. I already know this lotion will be a staple for me throughout the summer. 

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Flamingo Body Lotion, $9, available here

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