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The Spring-Ready Perfume Tyler Has Been Waiting for Her Whole Life

Okay, maybe not that long, but still, pretty long!
Goest Perfumes 'Dauphine' EDT, $140 for 6.0 ML, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Goest

Goest Perfumes 'Dauphine' EDT, $140 for 6.0 ML, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Goest

Despite some of my best efforts, I am something of a fragrance hoarder. I wish I could be a signature fragrance type of gal, but I don't know how anyone lives without options! Some days you may be feeling something soft and flirty, other days you may be feeling more sophisticated, and besides, swapping out fragrances means you never become so adjusted to your own scent that you can't smell it anymore, one of the saddest phenomenons on this planet. 

I also like to switch things up seasonally, because the heavier, headier scents I prefer in winter don't exactly work when it's approaching 90 degrees and you're sweating your own face off. So when writer-slash-perfume genius Rachel Syme put out a tweet offering to make seasonal perfume suggestions, I hopped right on it. For years, I've been trying to capture the feeling of that scene in Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" where Kirsten Dunst is frolicking through the fields of the Petit Trianon in gauzy white gowns. 

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It turns out, a fragrance inspired by pretty much exactly that already exists! Indie brand Goest's "Dauphine" scent aims to capture the feeling of "Marie Antoinette" in a bottle, with notes of muscs, almond, roses and cream. At first, I was concerned it would be too sweet and dessert-like, so I ordered the mini flacon. Those fears were completely unfounded. It's definitely sweet, but not saccharine, and totally addicting to smell on myself throughout the day. It's light and clean enough to work in the warmer weather. And the best part? It truly does perfectly encapsulate the vibes of the movie, like biting into a rose-flavored macaron.

I regret not buying the full-size bottle, because I am really burning through this stuff at a rapid rate and I know it's going to be my go-to scent throughout the rest of spring and summer. 

Goest Perfumes 'Dauphine' EDT, $140 for 6.0 ML, available here.

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