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The Sweatshirt Helping Whitney Ride the Tie Dye Wave

Made from sustainably grown hemp.
Jungmaven Wave Tie Dye Tahoe Sweatshirt, $130, available here.

Jungmaven Wave Tie Dye Tahoe Sweatshirt, $130, available here.

There was a period of time a few years ago when, at every sustainable fashion event I went to, someone would mention that eco-friendly fashion can be "actually really stylish" followed by a claim that "it's not all hemp and burlap anymore." While the sentiment being communicated — that there are more cool-looking sustainable clothing options available than ever before — was valid, the dismissal of hemp as a material worth shunning was not. If hemp at one point had a crunchy, hippie-dippy connotation, that's in part because it's long been known as one of the most sustainable natural fibers that clothiers can work with. As longtime hemp pioneer Jungmaven proves, it can look really effing cool, too. 

I was recently gifted a tie dyed Jungmaven T-shirt, and I've fallen so head-over-heels for it that I'm considering buying additional pieces in different colorways. Tie dye's been going strong on runways for a few seasons now, and adopting it is literally one of the easiest, most comfortable ways to look like you know what's going on in fashion. In some ways it marks the revival of the hippie-ish aesthetic that ethical fashion folks were so eager to distance themselves from a few years back, but now that it's here, I for one am ready to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Jungmaven Wave Tie Dye Tahoe Sweatshirt, $130, available here

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