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malia mills is an entrepreneurial company specializing in luxury bra-sized swimwear separates and ready to wear -- the essentials to pack your dream suitcase.


malia mills is an entrepreneurial company specializing in luxury bra-sized swimwear separates and ready to wear -- the essentials to pack your dream suitcase. our brand was launched in new york city in 1993, out of my apartment, while i waitressed at night. we are a sister-owned, independent, self-financed business built with a bootstrapping/DIY spirit. today, we are a small but mighty team of about 35 - we are the house of hell yes!

we have 4 stores in new york, 4 stores in california, our online store and a bright, open plan HQ in brooklyn, ny. our mission, mantra and driving force is love thy differences. check out for more.

at malia mills our team is dedicated to teamwork and pushing each other to be our very best. to foster growth and goodwill we seize each day with warmth and confidence, initiative and attention to detail, collaboration and tons of good chi. we connect and collaborate to wow each other and everyone who walks through our doors to grow our business and the contributions we make to our community.

we work hard, with heart and humanity, because the basis of the work we do is to create opportunities for personal, professional and community growth.

whether in stores or in our studio, we all work together. you will collaborate with my sister carol and me as well as with our design and production team, planner and buyer, marketing and social squad, and teammates in our other stores.


our stores are small, dynamic spaces where we provide exemplary fit and styling sessions. we take pride in showing the many ways our luxurious bra-sized swimwear separates and ready-to-wear can be worn to celebrate the feminine fierce. we also sell beautiful products from other designers we admire.

our stores are inviting gathering places where we mingle and share our passion for feminism and fashion as well as our knowledge of innovative design, style and current events.


join our team to run our soho store in new york city for the ultimate unconventional retail experience. all of us at malia mills essentially run a small business within a small business - to say we each wear many hats is an understatement.

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what does this mean in our retail stores? we greet everyone we meet with good chi. we use extensive product knowledge to provide one on one fit sessions to style gals in luxury swimwear and ready-to-wear, while inspiring them with our positive attitudes and genuine connection. we clean every corner of the store ourselves, while reaching to beat our sales goals every day. we bust a move, re-merchandising and rearranging the store without being asked. we support each other, always relying on teamwork to get the job done! AND we never say no to popping a bottle of prosecco on a random tuesday.

everyone at malia mills gives due importance to tasks big and small -- from dusting, changing light bulbs and learning to use a power drill to meeting and exceeding sales goals, identifying new ways to manage inventory, and dreaming up a new marketing campaign.

most importantly, each of us understands that we are an important part of the team’s overall performance. we run both stores with a small team committed to being in service to each other and to our customers. we seize every day with positive energy, a go get ‘em attitude, to work collaboratively with gusto and good chi.


confident and curious, bright eyed and social, proactive and coachable, reliable and collaborative with a can do spirit -- these are the traits we're looking for. we call this a roll up your sleeves, get sh*t done, learn, contribute, grow, hell yes spirit.

on a scale of 1 to 5 we're looking for computer skills of 4 or better. technology is a big part of the day - from mastering our POS system to staying connected to members of team from coast to coast to nurturing relationships with our customers and beyond. technology is our means of maintaining close connections to our teammates and everyone in our orbit to grow our business.

we say your job is as big as you make it. what does this mean? we strive to build a company to create opportunities for personal and professional growth within and beyond our business. we expect every member of our team to engage in on the job learning about all aspects of our business. curious about a construction detail on one of our newest dresses? reach out to our design and production team to learn more about our made in america processes. have an idea for a social campaign? hit up our digital team and review ways to execute and what it will yield. we move forward, together, each day.


if you are eager to contribute, hungry to learn and ready to roll up your sleeves to grow our business and give back to our community we'd love to hear from you. please email your resume, a brief outline as to why you're fired up to join our team and include your proposed hourly rate.

job type -- full-time with benefits

TO APPLY: Please send your resume to, subject line Key Holder, SoHo.