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5 Nail Trends to Start Wearing the Second It Gets Warm Out

Plus, 20 of our favorite polish picks to get in on the action.
Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

Catching a trending nail polish color isn't as easy as clocking that, for instance, everyone is putting CBD into everything, or that a lot of people are loving feathers on their clothes right now. And that's because for the most part, what's new and now in the world of nail colors generally comes down to shades that have been sitting on the shelf at your local nail salon since it opened, patiently awaiting their turn to be favored by Instagram It Girls and beyond.

So to help us navigate what's what for our manicures in spring and summer 2019, we've turned two women who not only know a thing or two about nails, but also own successful (and aesthetically stellar!) nail salons of their own: Amy Lin Ling, CEO and founder of New York City's Sundays studios, and Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder of LA's much-loved Olive & June salons. Between being based in two of the most competitive beauty and #wellness markets in the country and running their own respective in-house polish brands, Ling and Tuttle have no choice but to stay on their (no doubt well-polished) toes.

With both classic and slightly more daring picks, read on below for the the top spring and summer 2019 color trends Ling and Tuttle are most excited about right now. 

Icy Blue

"The amount of white in it really makes it feel icy, fresh, sophisticated, and makes it easy to wear," says Tuttle, referencing Olive & June's in-house shade Barrett, which she claims "unexpectedly goes with everything."

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Mellow Orange

Lin points out that any light, bright tones are perfect for the season, and a crop of modern, mellow orange nail polishes — in tones that aren't reminiscent of Nickelodeon or your very literal first manicure — fit the bill perfectly. 

Glossy Neutrals 

"We love a neutral mani any time of year, and especially in spring," says Tuttle, noting that the modern, up-to-date shades are the ones that "look really really good on everyone." Think outside of the tired, flat beige tones and balance the subtlety with glossy, high-shine. 

Variations of Violet

The world of sort-of-pink, sort-of-lavender (and maybe even a few others?) can best be described as variations of violet. "This shade shines in the sun and is a classic summer favorite," says Lin, nodding to the salon's in-house color L.02, that blends a mix of violet sister-shades. 

Pastel Pink

"Rosy blush polish comes to life on your fingertips," says Lin. "It makes us think of past summers and new beginnings." A reminder that pastel pink will forever be a good spring and summer (and year-round, for that matter) color. 

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