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The Fish and Leopard-Print Shirt Alyssa Will Wear to Funk Up the Summer

This ain't your dad's Hawaiian shirt.
R13 Hawaiian shirt, $395, available here.

R13 Hawaiian shirt, $395, available here.

Of all the dad-adjacent fashion trends that have taken over the street style galleries and runways in recent seasons — ugly, chunky sneakers, wrap-around Oakley sunglasses, Grateful Dead-inspired tie dye, outdoorsy Patagonia fleeces — the one that unexpectedly won me (and my hard-earned dollars) over is the humble Hawaiian shirt. Once typically reserved for sartorially challenged men looking for a laid-back uniform to lounge around in while on vacation, it's now a high-fashion staple among trendsetting celebrities (Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Diane Kruger, Jeff Goldblum) and luxury labels (Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga, Prada). In fact, entire labels dedicated to creating them have popped up in international markets. 

Last summer, I picked up a handful of these Jimmy Buffett-approved pieces in vintage shops, and relished in their kitschiness while participating in such activities as lounging poolside in a hammock, drinking frozen margaritas, playing Cornhole and barbequing. Considering how easy they are to style and how fun they are to wear, I've decided to level-up this year and invest in a "fashion" option — particularly this one from R13. Its tropical fish print wouldn't look a bit out of place at a beach bar in the Florida Keys (think Matthew McConaughey's character Moondog in the new Harmony Korine flick "Beach Bum"), but the leopard print collar injects a hint of in-the-know cool that really sold me. The oversized, boxy fit makes it ideal for layering over a swimsuit, but it can just as easily be tied in a knot at the bottom and converted into a crop top.

This ain't your dad's Hawaiian shirt, folks, but don't be too surprised if he asks to borrow it on your next family vacation. 

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R13 Hawaiian shirt, $395, available here.

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