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Amazon Introduces 'The Drop' Featuring Limited Edition Collections Designed by Global Influencers

Have you ever read so many buzzwords in one sentence?
The landing page for Amazon's "The Drop." Photo: Screenshot/Fashionista

The landing page for Amazon's "The Drop." Photo: Screenshot/Fashionista

Further proving that we're probably all going to work for influencers one day in the near future, the latest news from Amazon Fashion is all about how the online giant is trying to harness the power of those KOLs — that's "key opinion leader" — to move product.

Coming "soon" is "The Drop" — not to be confused with the streetwear-heavy Barneys program of the same name — an influencer-lead initiative which will give customers limited-edition, "street style-inspired" collections from global bloggers and social media famous folks. Designs from "The Drop" will be available internationally for only 30 hours, which the homepage of "The Drop" promises will mean less waste as things are only made to order. If you miss out on a drop on "The Drop," there will also be "Staples by The Drop,"  a line of basic items to layer in with those limited-edition pieces.

With "The Drop," Amazon is hopping on a couple of bandwagons that's are picking up speed by the day. Retailers like Nordstrom and Revolve are already moving millions of dollars worth of product by partnering with influencers like Julia Engel, Arielle Charnas, Aimee Song and Chriselle Lim on exclusive collections. In addition, fashion is also widely rejiggering its delivery calendar based on the drop model pioneered by streetwear brands like Supreme, as well as capitalizing on the hype that comes along with scarcity of limited-edition product.

Kicking off "The Drop" are Paola Alberdi (1M Instagram followers), Sierra Furtado (1.7M Instagram followers), Emi Suzuki (1M Instagram followers), Leonie Hanne (1.9M Instagram followers) and Patricia Bright (1M Instagram followers). If you have over a million followers and you want to design for "The Drop," Amazon handily made a contact form available for you to reach out. If you don't have over a million followers, perhaps it's a good time to tidy up your resume? Surely, some of these influencers will be hiring very, very soon.

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