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CAMI NYC Is Hiring An Operations Manager In New York, NY

The Operations Manager will oversee all operations within each department at CAMI NYC.

Operations Manager
Type: Full-Time
Start Date: May
Location: NYC


The Operations Manager will oversee all operations within each department at CAMI NYC. This includes: logistics and fulfillment, wholesale, e-commerce, factor payments, production, inventory management and employee recruitment. The Operations Manager will also be responsible for implementing and optimizing office-wide protocols to improve office efficiency and help grow the business.

1. Fulfillment Responsibilities:

  • Manage inventory levels across warehouses in coordination with the demand for each product
  • Manage inbound and outbound shipments from overseas manufactures to facilitate delivery of goods, efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Negotiate rates/ shipping costs with carrier partners (UPS, DHL, USPS etc.).
  • Train junior operations team members (on corporate process/ policies + warehouse management system + warehouse polices/cut off times/contacts + customer service to store owners).
  • Monitor static sku’s and remove from warehouse if necessary (usually there is a fee per unit/ or per “location” which can greatly affect base warehouse fee per month).
  • Negotiate rates with warehouse (picking/packing fees, shipping discounts, storage fees, receiving fees) to get best possible rates, usually based on volume.
  • Manage inbound shipments from suppliers
  • Ensure warehouse packaging team has been trained and is provided with a step-by-step packing guide for all styles – in order to communicate brand aesthetic, maintain consistency, add value to customer experience etc. Update guide and review with warehouse packaging teams when new products are created.

2. Oversee and hold accountable Wholesale Coordinators fulfillment tasks:

Wholesale Coordinators Fulfillment Responsibilities:

  • Maintain relationships with the “Major’s” logistics/distribution teams (i.e. Shopbop, Revolve Net-A-Porter) - need to reach out to one contact to order required price tags, another contact to receive shipping approval etc.
  • Rectify faulty address’s and returned packages / facilitate re-shipments
  • Monitor all open orders – organize and maintain a master file with all open orders to ensure inventory is available/allocated, and all orders are processed/shipped within the promised timeframe.
  • All “major” accounts should be handled with extra time and care.
  • Larger department retailers will often require special packaging and specific warehouse tickets for all deliveries, special carrier booking etc.
  • Follow the clients Routing Guide and Vendor Manual closely for each account. All have different specifications in terms of shipping instructions, packaging instructions etc. Chargebacks occur if not followed.
  • Relay all instructions to fulfillment partners in order to execute the correct packing and shipment of goods, as per the client. (i.e. the client may need you to group all like sku’s together in an inner carton, within the master carton, or that all cartons need outer labels etc.)
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3. Wholesale Responsibilities:

  • Manage seasonal overcut buys based on historical and trend selling data
  • Analyze wholesale selling reports and occasionally send recaps
  • Look at sku counts/assortments each season for drops prior to sampling
  • Oversee Wholesale Coordinators duties of:
       i. Upload seasonal products to JOOR
       ii. Upload seasonal products to Apparel Magic
       iii. Create seasonal style skeletons
       iv. Manage the creation of linesheets (w/ intern)

4. E-commerce Responsibilities:

  • Manage seasonal & core e-commerce buys.
  • Work with e-Comm Director to ensure there is enough core inventory to support advertising efforts
  • Rectify CSRs with Bergen

5. Production Responsibilities:

  • Work with design team to keep on top of all POs coming to ensure nothing is late and no styles are missing from PO
  • If production is running late, communicate with Wholesale Coordinator who will inform all distributors and showrooms as well as e-Commerce Director for pending website launch dates.


  • College degree (fashion preferred but not required)
  • Operations experience required
  • Familiar with systems: JOOR, Apparel Magic, QuickBooks & Shopify
  • Must have an interest in fashion and retail
  • Must be a self-starter, able to multitask and take initiative
  • Excellent attention to detail and follow-up skills
  • Extremely organized
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills, particularly Excel
  • Customer Service experience preferred

Email contact:, subject line Operations Manager.