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Dhani Finally Replaced Her Gucci Loafers With a Pair From J.Crew

These will do just fine.
J.Crew Academy Penny Loafers, $178, available here.

J.Crew Academy Penny Loafers, $178, available here.

Back when Alessandro Michele began his tenure at Gucci, it became clear that the brand's classic and vintage styles were going to be all the rage, including its signature horsebit loafers. I became obsessed with owning a pair, and thanks to some careful saving and a friend's discount, I got them. Unfortunately, despite their hefty price tag, I wore them to death and they didn't last long. I had to get rid of them about two years ago; and because the prices went up and my friend no longer worked for that retailer, I never replaced them.

Recently, I've really been feeling their absence — a versatile loafer is just a great staple to have in your wardrobe — and started thinking about saving up for a new pair while keeping an eye out for a more affordable, equally chic option. And I found one at, of all places, J.Crew.

While it's clearly bad for J.Crew's bottom line, the retailer's constant discounting is great for us: I got these loafers at 40% off (which you still can). They look just about as good as a Gucci pair in my opinion, without, of course, the signature horsebit that signifies whatever it's supposed to signify. Easy to walk in and effortlessly polished-looking, my J.Crew pair will do just fine.

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J.Crew Academy Penny Loafers, $178, available here.

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