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The Combination Eyeliner, Shadow and Highlighter Streamlining Steph's Makeup Routine

It's a multi-tasker that makes me look more awake, so of course I'm hooked.
Surratt Inner Light Baton in Perle, $45, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Surratt

Surratt Inner Light Baton in Perle, $45, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Surratt

Like nearly all other adult human beings I've met, I feel tired... most of the time. Even better, I look it! I've pretty much accepted that no matter how much melatonin or CBD I pop, no matter what weighted blankets or sheets I invest in (this and these, both of which I'm completely in love with, in case you were wondering), I'll never be great at sleeping. That's why beauty products that make me look more awake than I actually am are among my favorites.

My look-less-like-a-zombie staples? An ice roller, which takes down puffiness and gives me a nice, icy jolt in the morning; these eye drops, which soothe redness; and now, the Surratt Inner Light Baton. A dual-ended wand loaded with creamy waterline eyeliner on one side and shimmery eye shadow/highlighter on the other, it's a gem from makeup artist Troy Surratt's overall stellar line.

I'm partial to Perle, the shimmery white shade, but there are also two other options in peachy and bronze tones that would probably work well on medium and deep skin tones. Despite my sensitive, dry eyes, rimming my waterline with this formula has never caused me even a hint of irritation, and it instantly makes me look more alert and awake. I also like that it's so soft and blendable, so I can diffuse the pigment and keep things looking natural. 

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Lately, I've been using the eyeliner side of the stick every single day, and then sometimes when I want a little more shimmer, I'll follow it up with the highlighter, using the sponge tip to tap it at the inner corners of my eyes. Sure, I may still be exhausted, but at least I look a little less so.

Surratt Inner Light Baton in Perle, $45, available here.

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