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Yet Another Household Item Whitney Wants in Earring Form

This time it's a neon-green "clothespin" earring by Ambush.
Ambush Green Nobo Clip Earring, $215, available here.

Ambush Green Nobo Clip Earring, $215, available here.

I have a love for novelty earrings shaped like bread tags or safety pins or padlocks (or really any sundry household item) so well-documented on this website that it hardly bears repeating. I, like many people, have a hard time describing my style, but this category of jewelry is one thing that I'm really consistently drawn to, whether I'm donning a fancy dress or baggy jeans and a T-shirt. I'm not exactly sure what the appeal is — I think it might have something to do with the way these pieces feel like a leftover from the DIY world of punk — but regardless of the reasoning, this is a design theme I come back to over and over.

The latest earring to join this ongoing wishlist is a piece from Ambush made to look like you just stuck a clothespin on your earlobe, a look I thought was a funny gag in middle school that I apparently never really got over. The neon-green color of this one feels very of-the-moment, as does the fact that it comes as a single piece, encouraging asymmetric wear. I'd love to use it to spice up a simple cropped hoodie or wear it with a dress and funky sneakers — or really anything else in my closet, for that matter. If the other earrings I own in this vein are any indication, this is the kind of thing I'd wear with literally everything.

Ambush Green Nobo Clip Earring, $215, available here.

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