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11 White Eyeliners That Will Make You Look Wide Awake, Even If You're Not

We rounded up makeup artists' favorite brightening product picks.
Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

White eyeliner can be downright magical, but it may very well be the middle child of the eye makeup family — it could use more attention. Its relevance seems to come and go with the season, being reserved for spring and summer, but it's actually quite versatile, and therefore worthy of a long-term spot in your makeup bag. For one, it flatters any skin tone. Two, it has the ability to make eyes look bigger and wide-awake instantly.

"I love to create space on the lids with white liner by 'blanking out' areas like the lower lids and inner corners," says Sarah Lucero, makeup artist and Stila's global executive director of creative artistry. "The white liner will add a brightness that really opens up the eyes."

Didn't get a full night's rest? Rimming your eyes — and inner waterlines — with a pale hue can help fake a full-eight-hours effect by neutralizing discoloration. "I like to use white eye pencil on my waterline, which takes away from any eye redness and makes me automatically look more awake," says Vjosa Pacuku, a New York City-based makeup artist who is also the founder of Duart Beauty. For extra brightening and highlighting oomph, concentrate the pigment at the inner corners of the eyes, over the tear ducts.

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Beyond masking tiredness, white eyeliner can also be used to create striking makeup styles that are fun, but still neutral. "My favorite technique is using liquid white eyeliner to trace the top of the lash line or frame the eyes underneath," says Lucero.

In the gallery below, we've rounded up the experts' favorite white eyeliner product picks — click through to see (and shop!) 'em all.

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