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Bustle Digital Group Acquires Nylon [UPDATED]

The publisher plans to bring back the print product as part of the deal.
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Photo: Nylon

Photo: Nylon

Nylon has been purchased by Bustle Digital Group, according to a release from the publishing group.

"Nylon's bold and colorful legacy has developed a cult like status over the years," Bustle CEO Bryan Goldberg says in a release. "We will invest heavily in expanding Nylon's editorial team and advancing its strength in live experiences."

Part of this plan includes bringing back the print product, which ceased operations in September 2017. It will not return to its monthly publication calendar, but rather to issues centered around "'flagship cultural moments' like Coachella," according to Variety. Former Nylon president Evan Luzzatto will stick around as part of the deal; the release claims that the sale also includes Nylon's editorial and design teams. Goldberg will reportedly give the incoming staff raises. The sale does not include Socialyte, Nylon's influencer-marketing division, which will remain under Luzzatto's control.

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Bustle Digital Group and Goldberg have been controversial figures in the media world of late. After a round of layoffs which nearly decimated the staff at Mic, Bustle swooped in and bought the company for around $5 million, prompting accusations of union busting. Goldberg is also attempting to relaunch Gawker, which has so far resulted in its two initial high-profile hires quitting in protest over a hostile work environment after mere days on the job and another senior editor walking out after five months in the role.

Goldberg has said his aim is to turn Bustle into the new Condé Nast; Nylon is BDG's seventh property, joining the likes of the two aforementioned websites, as well as The Zoe Report, Flavorpill Media, The Outline, Bustle, Romper and Elite Daily. Hopefully, Nylon — which has been a beloved media property since its founding in 1999 — and its staff will find success in their new home.

UPDATE, Fri. June 28, 2019, 2:00 p.m.: This post originally stated that the entire staff of Nylon would stay in place as part of the Bustle Digital Group acquisition, including Editor-in-Chief Gabrielle Korn. Sources have confirmed to Fashionista that this has not yet been finalized.

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