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Steph's Go-To Pedicure Nail Polish Right Now

The prettiest blue.
Jin Soon nail polish in Aero, $18, available here.  Photo: Courtesy of Jin Soon

Jin Soon nail polish in Aero, $18, available here.  Photo: Courtesy of Jin Soon

Like cilantro, Taylor Swift and leg washing, blue nails can be pretty polarizing. Never forget that one episode of "Friends" when Monica wears blue press-ons to keep from biting her nails and inviting critique from her mother Judy, only to have Judy see them and remark, "Blue fingernails? That's what your grandmother's hands looked like when we found her." Sure, Judy, blue nail polish can look a little corpse-y when it's not done well. But with the right shade of blue and the right polish formula, it can also be incredibly pretty. Really!

Take, for example, Jin Soon's Aero nail polish. It's the dreamiest pastel baby blue: a touch creamier than Robin's egg, but not quite bright enough to be considered sky. It's the kind of white-based shade that flatters basically every skin tone, and it's become a go-to for me — especially for pedicures — during my last several visits to Jin Soon Choi's New York City salons.

Unlike so many pastel polishes that streak like crazy and make getting an even coat nearly impossible, all of Jin Soon's (including this one) go on shockingly smoothly, creating a completely opaque finish in just two coats. The formula is also 10-free, quick-drying and super shiny. (In other words, it's pretty much perfect.) 

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And for the record, even though literally no one asked: Hell no to cilantro and Taylor Swift; hell yes to leg washing. Oh, and The Dress was absolutely blue and black.

Jin Soon nail polish in Aero, $18, available here

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