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This Tomato Dangle Earring Is a Delicious New Addition to Alyssa's Summer Wardrobe

It will add some zest to my repertoire of white T-shirts and denim shorts.

Just a couple of days ago, I published an essay explaining my personal shopping paradox: The insane amount of stuff to choose from on the market stresses me out, the clutter caused by acquiring stuff stresses me out and the pressure to always have the coolest, rarest, newest stuff stresses me out, so as an attempt to preserve my sanity, I decided to quit buying stuff altogether. Now, I know that is not a sustainable way to exist. I work in fashion, I love clothes and, yes, there are occasions for which a new outfit is necessary. However, I am doing my best to avoid all impulse buys and only take the plunge on pieces that will complement and enhance the collection of things I already own and love.

This dangly hoop earring, designed by our friends over at Man Repeller for their delightful online shop, is just the sort of colorful summer accessory I am looking for to meet the above criteria. With its yellow enamel and contrasting red-and-green vine, it will add some zest to my repertoire of white T-shirts, denim shorts and barely-there flat sandals. My ears are already filled with mismatched hoops and studs in both yellow and rose gold, so I can easily switch this single statement charm out based on my mood, my hairstyle, my outfit, or some combination of the three. 

I'll admit, I am not much of a cook (or a regular visitor of the farmer's market), but even I know there are few things as delicious-looking as a ripe summer tomato. So why not wear a bunch of 'em? 

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Repeller single huggie hoop, $45, available here.

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