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Balenciaga's Fall 2019 Campaign Features Real-Life Loved-Up Couples

The images are shot by an actual wedding photographer. Aw!
An image from Balenciaga's Fall 2019 campaign. Photo: Greg Finck

An image from Balenciaga's Fall 2019 campaign. Photo: Greg Finck

Much like Balenciaga's (very successful) shitpost feed on Instagram, you never know what to expect when it comes to campaign aesthetics. One season could feature mall photo booth imagery, and another comprised of full-on paparazzi shots. Last season, the luxury Kering-owned brand took inspiration from the rise of CGI models, resulting in super-trippy, nightmare-inducing advertisements

For Fall 2019, Balenciaga took a more lighthearted approach, showcasing its latest collection on real, actual loved-up couples. Some pairs wore nearly identical outfits, while others complemented each other's own personal style. To truly capture the campaign's romance, the French luxury house hired wedding photographer Greg Finck, who regularly shoots top-tier weddings across the globe, and whose photos are probably on a lot of bride-to-be's Pinterest boards right now.

Over the course of two days, Balenciaga also created a video with the model couples, which featured interviews about their current (and past) relationships. Ah, young love.

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See more of Balenciaga's Fall 2019 ad campaign in the gallery below.

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