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The Breezy Batik Dress Whitney Keeps Thinking About

Made by one of my all-time-favorite ethical brands.
The Summer House Jane Dress, $141, available here.

The Summer House Jane Dress, $141, available here.

While it's something of a tradition for New Yorkers to complain about the city's heat every summer, my Fashionista coworkers have long since noticed that I seem to enjoy the swampy atmosphere more than most. Having grown up in the tropics, my tolerance for heat and humidity is high, and I experience them as a sort of psychological comfort even when they make me feel like I'm perpetually in need of a shower.

This summer, I'm re-learning how to dress for heat that truly feels like it's on a personal mission to melt my skin. Besides teaching me to bring ice water in a reusable bottle everywhere I go, it's also making me crave the kind of clothing that feels like you're barely wearing anything. This breezy dress from The Summer House, which long ago became one of my all-time favorite brands for its combination of beautiful design and well-considered ethics, is the kind of thing I want to wear over and over. I love the flowy shape and the fact that there's no waistband — because when it's hot, I want as little fabric touching my body as possible — but the mostly-bare shoulders mean it doesn't feel frumpy, either. Add to that a truly gorgeous red-and-blue batik pattern and you have what seems to me like a perfect summer dress.

The Summer House Jane Dress, $141, available here.

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