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Dara Found Another Mini Bag That She Has to Have

I can't help that I'm constantly dazzled by tiny totes.
Imago-A Lucite Buckle Mini, $345, available here. 

Imago-A Lucite Buckle Mini, $345, available here

I'm someone who would rather sport an impractical mini bag bedecked in pearls than a timeless tote. And while it's certainly out of my Taurean nature to choose an ephemeral beaded clutch over a classic leather option that will never go out of style, I can't help that I am constantly dazzled by flashy, new carryalls. I see them on the street, dangling like candy from the arms of a cool strangers, and I want to approach them like I would a puppy.

I don't remember when I first spotted this Imago-A bag — maybe it was in a packed elevator of editors at Spring Studios during New York Fashion Week, or it was on Instagram. But, somehow the sculpted mini entered my sartorial consciousness, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. I love its croc-embossed leather exterior, which comes in a neutral and calming pale rose shade, as well as its unique lucite buckle. Plus, it's the perfect size and can easily carry all my essentials — lip gloss, phone, wallet, sunscreen and a bag of Cheez-Its. 

I fear that if I don't get this tiny tote soon, then I'll just keep fantasizing about it on my commute to work, and there are other things I could be thinking about on the subway — like these bright red Birkenstocks

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Imago-A Lucite Buckle Mini, $345, available here. 

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