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This Hat Is Hands-Down Steph's Favorite Summer Accessory

It perfectly communicates my mood for the season.
Kinfield OOO Hat, $28, available here. Photo: Courtesy

Kinfield OOO Hat, $28, available here. Photo: Courtesy

It's been well documented (on this very website, among others) that we're living in a Golden Age of Merch. Brands from just about every consumer category have stepped it up with their totes, T-shirts and hats, putting out items we actually want to wear — imagine! Those in the beauty and wellness space certainly haven't been immune, and many of them have put out genuinely desirable pieces that also happen to double as branding tools. One such example is this cheeky baseball cap from newly launched outdoor-product brand, Kinfield.

Embroidered with the words "Out of Office" in terracotta orange, sans serif lettering, the white hat perfectly communicates my eternal summer mood. The brand sent it to me ahead of a recent weekend trip upstate, and I barely took it off the whole time. I love the sporty lightheartedness of it — and the fact that it offers a bit of sun protection, of course. If I had to describe my ideal summer accessory, this would pretty much be it.

Kinfield OOO Hat, $28, available here.

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