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19 Pairs of Flat Strappy Sandals to Wear Every Day Until September

Take advantage of these summer-friendly shoes while you can.
Photo: Courtesy of The Frankie Shop

Photo: Courtesy of The Frankie Shop

As much as we can all appreciate a beautiful pair of heels on the runway or on the Instagram feed of your favorite influencer, the sky-high shoe just won't cut it when you need to run quickly out the door or when you're on your feet for a long time, especially during the outdoor-friendly days of summer. The true unsung hero of the warm season's footwear is the flat sandal, and this year, it's all about strappy silhouettes.

Offering a bit more structure than flip-flops and a bit more comfort than the slingback sandal, these strappy versions will look cute whether you choose a more subtle style or a full-on, caged-up silhouette. There are flat strappy sandals in neutral tones, like black, white, tan and even silver, or if you’re feeling a bit more bold, you can reach for a pair with rainbow straps, in animal print or an ombré effect. Summer footwear should be as fun — and comfortable — as the season itself, so treat yourself to a quick browse of these 19 styles in the gallery below.

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