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11 Eye Shadow Primers That Do so Much More Than Just Hold Makeup in Place

They make it look better, too.
Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

Regardless of whether you just swiped on one creamy color all over your lids, or went for a more involved, super-blended "Euphoria"-level look, there are few makeup struggles more annoying than actually putting effort into applying eye shadow, only for it to shift or melt off (or both) within a few hours. It's also an incredibly common issue, considering that eyelids — see: tiny spaces of thin skin that literally disappears into a crease in the face — are one of the least practical places on the body to apply makeup. But when eye look is too good to pass up? Turn to eye shadow primer.

"Primer is the most important step in making sure that your eye shadow has longevity and really pops," says New York City-based celebrity makeup artist Natalia López de Quintana. "Primer for the eyelids is as important as moisturizing the skin before you put foundation or concealer on. It preps the skin and it helps the colors to adhere better and stay on."

Unlike face primer that, on top of aiding in the longevity of your makeup, serves to make the T-zone, cheeks and forehead appear smoother, "poreless" and less oily, eye shadow primers are meant to coat the lids and lend a bit of tackiness for the pigment to stick to. They're formulated to not only keep shadows intact, but also to add to their overall blendability, ensuring that multiple colors can work together for a smooth, blended finish and keep their impact all day long.

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"Primer helps your shadows to pack a major punch and helps them to stay right where you put them," adds López de Quintana. Ahead, read on for 11 long-lasting, expert-approved for that will do just that, starting at $7. 

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