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11 Foolproof Eyeshadow Sticks for When You Don't Have Time — or Patience — for Powders

Expert recommendations to the rescue.
Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

A wise person once said that time is money, and it's probably exactly what the inventors of the eyeshadow stick were thinking about when they created a time saving innovation for makeup-wearers everywhere. With so many new eye products and trends popping up seemingly every day, eyeshadow sticks are an easy, quick and foolproof way to get experimental.

"Eyeshadow sticks and paints are great because they eliminate the need for a primer, but stay on as long, if not longer than using primer and shadow," explains New York City-based celebrity makeup artist Natalia López de Quintana. "An added bonus is that it is less product layered on your eyelid, which means it is less prone to creasing."

What's more, a good eyeshadow stick should be sheer yet buildable to a more opaque finish — allowing for plenty of versatility. And while López de Quintana does note that because these products "dry down" and set quickly, they have a shorter shelf-life than powder alternatives, they'll always be a reliable, foolproof option for anyone looking for an easier, quicker option.

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Ahead, with the help of the experts, we've rounded up 11 stick picks that will help deliver creamy, crease-resistant color to the lids in half the time of any powder/brush combo. Click through the gallery to see and shop them all.

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