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Maria Wants to Swap Her Fanny Pack for This 'Bike Wallet'

I'm over the "clout pack" trend.
Kara Black Large Bike Wallet, $375, available here.

Kara Black Large Bike Wallet, $375, available here.

Despite the sartorial success of fanny packs and their contribution to the U.S. accessories industry's growth, I'm already over the "clout pack" trend and looking for a similarly stylish alternative. I've had my eye on Kara's "bike wallet" for a while, but the original creation was a micro-bag that would only fit items that stand at a teeny-tiny three inches high and four inches wide. Luckily, designer Sarah Law, who launched her New York label in 2013, released a larger version of the cool accessory, which was inspired by the chunky bike chains that cyclists wear around the city.

This new version can fit an iPhone and a few other everyday necessities, so I can carry this bag when I'm running errands, to a workout or whenever I want or need to carry a minimal collection of things on me. Plus, the chain strap is removable, so it can double as a large wallet or clutch, too. A multifunctional fashion piece! Sign me up.

Kara Black Large Bike Wallet, $375, available here.

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