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Whitney's Dream Purse Doubles as a Pillow

Counting sheep has never looked better.
Khaore Burgundy Pillow Handbag, $350, available here.

Khaore Burgundy Pillow Handbag, $350, available here.

Remember that Viktor & Rolf collection in 2005 that featured models with their hair splayed across pillows as if they were still lying down in bed? While the ensembles weren't particularly wearable, the images of models looking both runway- and bedtime-ready were so memorable that they're still inspiring memes over a decade later. And it's not hard to see why: With the industry moving at such a frenetic pace, there's always room for a look that takes Tired and makes it Fashion.

Accessory line Khaore's latest collection, which is populated entirely by handbags that look and feel like cushions, renders the I'm-ready-for-bed mood luxe in a much more practical way than Viktor & Rolf did. I can't stop thinking about them, this burgundy number in particular. It somehow manages to feel both fancy enough for a night out on the town while still evoking the comfort of a night in, and that's pretty much the ideal, as far as I'm concerned. Here's to catnapping in style with a purse that does double duty.

Khaore Burgundy Pillow Handbag, $350, available here

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