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17 Neon Crop Tops To Make Summer Last Longer

Fuel your wardrobe with these Day-Glo-style tops.
Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

Throughout the last few years we've seen a few core elements of festival fashion that have moved into more mainstream street style: fanny packs, tie-dye and even tiny sunglasses, to name a few. But one item that we're certain will prove to be more than a passing trend is neon, specifically in the form of crop tops. (We are talking festival fashion, after all.)

Before you start picturing a rave or that '80s theme party you went to in college, a quick look back at the Fall 2019 runway shows — and as early as Spring 2018 — will demonstrate that brands like Jacquemus, Off-White and Sies Marjan, were able to present a sophisticated and streamlined aesthetic with neon looks that carry these eye-popping colors far beyond Lollapalooza. (And if you're still not convinced that neon is for you, how about you give the trend a try with a pair of heels?)

Below find 17 neon crop tops that you can buy now and still wear later — should you ever want to feel nostalgia over your warm-weather escapades. Picture a strapless top layered over a vintage T-shirt in late September or a pair of high-waisted trousers in October. This playful trend will make you excited to get dressed even after your summer tan fades.

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