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Dhani Bought These Tevas Because of an Olsen Fan Account

Mary-Kate Olsen, influencing my purchases from childhood into my 30s.
Teva Voya Infinity Flip-Flop, $39.95, available here.

Teva Voya Infinity Flip-Flop, $39.95, available here.

It's kind of wild to think about the fact that, for me and many of my contemporaries, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have served as style inspiration for pretty much our entire lives. Literally, from the time I was old enough to pick out my own clothes until now, age 30, I've admired their looks. They've influenced me at every phase, from their capri-pants-and-butterfly-clips preteen years to boho-chic in the early aughts to today's elevated, all-black-everything aesthetic.

Unfortunately, their clothes and accessories now tend to be The Row or old Céline, meaning I can't afford them. But recently, Mary-Kate's been repeat-wearing a pair of sandals that are very much in my price range: these $40 Tevas, to be exact.

I know this because of Olsen Oracle, the hardest-working Olsen fan account there is. Even though I consider myself more of an Ashley than a Mary-Kate, as soon as I saw the latter wearing these strappy flats I was intrigued. And once I found out their price and availability through Amazon Prime, purchasing them was a no brainer. They're super comfortable and something about them feels timeless and more elevated than a typical sports sandal. In black, they have just a hint of the gorp-core trend without being too on-the-nose. Plus, they feel unique: Not everyone has them — at least, not yet.

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Teva Voya Infinity Flip-Flop, $39.95, available here.

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