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Okay, But What If Tyler Gets Really Into Capes This Fall?

Hear me out!
Adam Lippes Tiered Cape, $1,690, available here.

Adam Lippes Tiered Cape, $1,690, available here.

Some exciting news: I'm thinking about getting into capes!

I know what you're thinking: What?! You weren't already into capes? You got me there! I was into capes. I just haven't owned any capes. I borrowed a fabulous beaded cape from Carolina Herrera last season and twirled myself all over Paris but I have yet to take the plunge and actually purchase one of my very own.

I feel like that's going to change this fall. Obviously, the number one appeal of a cape is that it is capital-D dramatique but also I think they're pretty practical layering pieces! We've all had that situation where we're too hot in a sweater and a jacket, but too cold for just one or the other. The solution is clearly a cape, like this one from Adam Lippes. 

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Adam Lippes Tiered Cape, $1,690, available here.

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