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If Dhani Lived in a Colder Climate, She'd Do Anything to Own These Boots

She still might anyway.
By Far Lada Leather Boot in Black, $509, available here.

By Far Lada Leather Boot in Black, $509, available here.

Back when I lived in New York, this would be around the time of year that I'd start searching desperately for a good pair of cute, versatile black ankle boots to wear throughout fall and winter. The truly perfect pair has always eluded me or been out of my price range, but my search would always lead me to something decent.

Today, I live in Los Angeles, and while it does get cooler in the winter, I never really need boots; and the chill doesn't even come until later in the year. It's literally 94 degrees as I write this, so, yeah.

But I am, in general, feeling like I'm in a bit of a shoe rut, so I've been browsing the interwebs for styles that catch my eye. The first pair that got my heart beating a little faster were these from By Far, maker of a lot of shoes (and bags) that get my heart beating a little faster. They're similar to the very popular lace-up boots the brand released last fall (and that Dara wrote about here), but with a pointier toe and the laces starting a little higher up. I just love the overall shape, the subtly Victorian vibe and the height and chunk of the heel. They would be easy to dress down with jeans or dress up with a long skirt or dress.

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Since I don't technically need these, I'm not sure I'm willing to shell out the money for them, but if you happen to live somewhere with real seasons and need new boots, you totally should.

By Far Lada Leather Boot in Black, $509, available here.

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