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The Blush Helping Tyler Look Like a Renaissance Portrait

My fall mood is all about a strong, wind-blown cheek.
Chanel Joues Contrast in Quintessence, $45, available here.

Chanel Joues Contrast in Quintessence, $45, available here.

For the past year or so, I have been enjoying playing around with makeup: going for bold, sparkly eyes or bright lips, experimenting with highlighters in different formulas to add shine and dimension, layering on lots of color. 

But for fall, I'm suddenly feeling like simplifying my whole routine by a lot: Think just bold brows, velvety skin and a strong, bright cheek, maybe a blurred lip if I'm feeling saucy. Basically, I'm trying to look like a Renaissance portrait of a fancy rich lady swaddled in silk and pearls. I'm going to achieve that with a poppy blush, like this shade of Chanel Joues Contrast dubbed "Quintessence." I realize it's on the luxury end of makeup, but I love the layerability of Chanel's blushes, and though it's not for everyone, I'm a big fan of the formula's rosy scent. Now I just need to find a windswept moor and an artist with a set of of oil paints and I'm good to go.

Chanel Joues Contrast in Quintessence, $45, available here.

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