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Steph Rarely Likes Foundation, But She Loves This One

It's called Dew Drop, and that name couldn't be more apt.
 Surratt Dew Drop Foundation, $75, available here. Photo: Courtesy

 Surratt Dew Drop Foundation, $75, available here. Photo: Courtesy

As a lazy person and makeup minimalist (as much as a beauty editor can be), I've never really been that into foundation. I love a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer —  anything that offers up skin-care benefits as well as coverage, and doesn't feel like a heavy, cake-y mask sitting on my face. But I do prize the look of perfectly even-toned skin, which I do not naturally possess, even with an army of vitamin C serums at my disposal. So when I found a foundation I actually enjoy wearing, Surratt's Dew Drop Foundation, I was pretty pumped.

With medium, buildable coverage, an incredibly lightweight texture and glow-y, moisturized (but not slick) finish, it's pretty much my dream foundation formula. I apply it with a Beautyblender and need to spend only a few seconds blotting and blending before I have reach natural, even coverage. It's never pilled, caked or settled into dry areas or fine lines (all issues I've encountered plenty of times with many other formulas). Though there are 18 shades, rather than the exhaustive 40 we've become accustomed to seeing from so many brands, the range does seem pretty extensive, with an equal number of light, medium and dark shades to choose from. (I'm somewhere between 3 and 4, so I've been mixing the two.)

I also love the packaging: The small canister is solid and substantial, has a narrow nozzle to precisely dispense product. And speaking of dispensing product, in the case of this foundation, it's weirdly satisfying. Press down on a rubbery button on the end of the tube, and a small dose of foundation drips out. It definitely prevents me from wasting any of the formula — which is a good thing, considering the hefty price tag (although of course, as an editor, I am lucky to have received it as a complimentary press sample from the brand). 

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Surratt Dew Drop Foundation, $75, available here.

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