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Whitney Just Really Wants to Wear Quilts in Some Form Every Day

This skirt is cozy, upcycled and original — what's not to love?
Carleen Quilt Skirt, $575, available here.

Carleen Quilt Skirt, $575, available here.

It should be exceedingly clear by now that I love clothing made of quilts, inspired by quilts or in any way sort of adjacent to the practice of quilting. I've written about how quilting moved from a niche subculture into the heart of capital-F fashion, and I've shared about more than one quilt-y jacket I love, as well as some quilted pants, in this space. But somehow, in all my burrowing into the wormhole that is quilted fashion on the internet, it was not until today that I came across a quilted skirt. And now I'm in love.

This piece is by Carleen, a brand I consider one of the OGs when it comes to bridging the gap between the world of quilters and that of fashion folk. It's a label run by Kelsey Parkhouse that's been worn by the likes of Maggie Rogers and Reese Blutstein, and though it also deals in denim, it's partly known for transforming vintage quilts into wearable creations. In this case, an antique cotton quilt was converted into a one-off skirt that has a lovely A-line shape that seems like it'd be perfect for twirling in. Adding this one to my Christmas wishlist ASAP.

Carleen Quilt Skirt, $575, available here.

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