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These Shoes Have Reignited Dhani's Love for Slingbacks

They're the first of what will likely be many purchases from this French Instagram brand.
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Musier Paris Sling Back Mathilde, $161.46, available here.

Musier Paris Sling Back Mathilde, $161.46, available here.

Several years ago, before the Chanel and Dior ones happened, I had a pair of slingbacks from Topshop that I loved literally to death. They collected compliments everywhere I went and had the power to instantly dress up any outfit while still feeling effortless thanks to their croc-effect material and chunky heels. Of course, being from Topshop, they didn't last too long and I haven't been able to find anything similar since... until now.

Clearly my shoe tastes don't change very much (see: the 283947 pairs of black ankle boots I've written about for this column) because another pair of croc-effect, chunky-heel slingbacks have inspired a similar kind of joy in me years later. These are by a new-ish French brand I discovered on Instagram called Musier Paris. They stock many things I'd like to add to my wardrobe — most of which are surprisingly affordable — but I truly couldn't resist these shoes (despite being forced to pay a lot more for shipping than I have in recent memory).

Yes, they're a little like The Chanel Ones, but not so similar that they feel like a copy or overly trend-driven. As open-toe shoes start to feel less practical or appropriate, I can see these becoming my go-to for any time I want to wear a tasteful heel, whether it's with a long slip dress, some nice trousers or jeans.

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Musier Paris Sling Back Mathilde, $161.46, available here.

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