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This Raincoat Made of Recycled Materials Would Brighten Whitney's Dreariest Days

Everything from the packaging to the hangtags is made with the environment in mind.
Ponch 111-111 Raincoat, $191, available here.

Ponch 111-111 Raincoat, $191, available here.

Having grown up in a place where it rains every day for about half the year, you'd think my wardrobe would be well acquainted with raincoats. But in fact the opposite is true: I don't remember owning a single one at any point in my life. I blame the tropical temperatures of my childhood, because getting caught in the rain when it's warm out isn't really that big of a deal, so I usually just made a run for it. But now that I live in New York, where rain is quite often cold enough to be a bit miserable and commuting is done by train, it's probably time that I own something capable of keeping me dry when I'm out and about.

To fill that role, I'm eyeing this piece from just-launched label Ponch. The raincoat is made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and produced ethically at a WRAP-certified factory in Xiamen, China. Plus, the brand uses biodegradable garment bags made from vegetable starch, compostable hangtags printed with soy-based inks and completely avoids single-use plastics in its packaging. I love that Ponch is clearly conscious about its environmental footprint, but I also just love how the jacket looks — this cool print was created in collaboration with Leif Podhajský, an artist who's designed album covers for the likes of Tame Impala. Wouldn't this be the cheeriest thing to slip into on a cold, rainy day?

Ponch 111-111 Raincoat, $191, available here.

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