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Hi Fashionista! I'm Ana

Meet our newest member of the team.
Photo: Ana Colón

Photo: Ana Colón

Hi Fashionista fam!

It feels surreal to be writing a Fashionista "welcome post," since I’ve been reading them (and the site) for as long as I can remember. But here we are!

A li'l bit about me: I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and I try to go back as often as I can. I studied anthropology and French in college — not the most obvious path to a career in fashion but, surprisingly enough, it was the latter that led me here. I spent a semester abroad in Paris, during which I visited as many design exhibits as I could, people-watched and lingered outside fashion week shows on my way back from class. (My most cherished memory: a Bill Cunningham sighting at the Grand Palais, post-Chanel.) I was familiar with designers before, sure. But those few months opened my eyes to the large, complex machine that is the fashion industry. And I wanted in.

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So, post-college, I moved to New York, and began navigating the world of fashion editorial — with Fashionista always acting as a much more in-the-know internet friend to help me along the way. I've worked at Refinery29 and Glamour, always in digital, and deepened my love of designers (don't make me pick a favorite!), models (Joan Smalls, mi reina) and great fashion writing along the way. And I'm excited to now be able to contribute to the storytelling at Fashionista that helped me grow so much when I was starting out!

Oh, and my fun fact? My younger sibling is also named Ana Colón. Yes, it can get weird. 

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