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This Is What Fashion Jobs Really Pay in 2019

From PR to editorial to influencing, 2,000 industry professionals told us their salaries.
Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

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Even as salary transparency becomes more commonplace, the fashion industry largely remains shrouded in mystery when it comes to what people make. It's an industry built on wealth and privilege, but that isn't always reflected in employees' actual salaries, especially for those just starting out in their careers.

To find out what people in fashion really make, we once again surveyed about 2,000 of our readers, who come from all experience levels, company sizes and segments of the industry, including retail, styling, editorial, PR, marketing, photography, product development and even influencing. We compiled all of our findings into a report that breaks down average salaries for about every job title and experience level you can think of, plus how factors like location, gender identity and company size impact them. For instance, on average, New York-based employees make a little more than those based in Los Angeles; and a VP in PR could make four times the salary of a PR assistant.

Below, you'll see the lowest and highest average salaries for each field we surveyed; but for a more in-depth breakdown of the results and the survey pool, download the full PDF for free here, presented by Verishop. We hope this information is helpful in guiding the next step in your career path, or even gives you a better idea of what you're worth.

Assistant Designer: $40,470
Design Director: $160,230

Marketing/Advertising Assistant: $43,910
Marketing Manager: $102,170

Assistant Publicist: $40,650
VP Publicity: $166,000

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Assistant Market Editor (Print): $25,000
Director-Level Editor (Print): $116,750

Assistant Market Editor (Digital): $33,000
Director-Level Editor (Digital): $108,400

Associate Photo Editor: $41,000
Graphic Designer: $108,500

Sales Assistant: $39,210
Fashion Director (Retail): $129,500

Product Development Assistant: $44,480
Sourcing Manager: $135,710

Stylist's Assistant: $37,490
Stylist: $62,050

Influencer: $76,180

Model Agency Assistant: $42,570
Model Agent: $129,430

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