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Dhani Suddenly Needs a 'Nap Dress'

More chic napping in 2020.
The Katherine Nap Dress, $75, available for preorder here.

The Katherine Nap Dress, $75, available for preorder here.

As I've gotten older, the clothing category that I think has grown the most in my wardrobe is probably not the one I would have predicted when I was younger. It's not suits or dresses or any of what I presumed "grown-up" clothes to be. In fact, it's the opposite: loungewear.

Of course, I have ample...or at least, some appropriate clothing for wearing outside the house, but I've also really elevated, and increasingly gravitate towards, better clothing to wear indoors. I've gradually built a nice selection of proper button-down pajamas and matchy sweatsuits that allow me to feel somewhat grown-up and put-together even when I'm eating takeout and watching TV — or working remotely. What I don't have much of within this loungewear category are dresses, and it's time to change that.

I'm not sure when or how it started, but a number of products by the brand Hill House Home have been following me around the internet lately, with enticing Instagram ads shilling silk pillowcases, teddies and, most intriguingly, "nap dresses," They're these dreamy, "Virgin Suicides"-looking, smock-like long and short dresses that are apparently meant for sleeping in but would certainly feel good outside the bedroom as well. They're about the chicest thing I can imagine sleeping in that actually looks comfortable and that I could actually afford — I haven't seen anything quite like them at the under-$100 price point. I also just love the name: nap dress. Most styles are currently only available for preorder but I'm in no rush. Here's to more chic napping in 2020.

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The Katherine Nap Dress, $75, available for preorder here. (Other styles here.)

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