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Whitney Is Thinking About Buying Brown Boots for the First Time in Years

I've long been an all-black person. Is it time to lighten up?
LoQ Matea Boot, $425, available here.

LoQ Matea Boot, $425, available here.

I'm not a person who wears head-to-toe black every day, but for years, the shade has been my go-to neutral for accessories. At some point in college, warm, earthy colors started to feel wrong on me, and I began dropping brown and gold in favor of black and silver. It's something I've stuck with for a long time, and it certainly makes getting dressed or packed for a trip a more streamlined process: All my winter coats go nicely with the boots I wear most days when it's cold out, which are black. My favorite, most-used bag is black with red accents. Silver zippers and snaps on my coats coordinate nicely with my mostly-silver jewelry box.

But at some point in the last year, cracks started to show up in this formerly iron-clad wardrobe directive. First, I found myself wanting to wear gold jewelry again after not touching any for years. Next, I got a coat that doesn't look quite right when worn with my chunky black everyday boots. And now I'm starting to think about brown leather boots, something I haven't done in ages.

It's too early to tell if this urge will stick around, so I'm not pulling the trigger just yet. But I am starting to think about brown boots I could love and wear for years. First on my list? This pair of croc-embossed booties from LoQ, which feel a little nicer than my standard fare without being so fancy that they'd make me feel overdressed and which have just enough heel to look elevated without being uncomfortable. 

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LoQ Matea Boot, $425, available here.

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