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Got Sustainability Questions? Now You Can Ask an Expert

Introducing our new column, where we answer your burning questions about everything from faux leather to packaging.
This is what we'll look like while answering your emails, probably.

This is what we'll look like while answering your emails, probably.

In 2019, sustainability officially moved from being a niche concern to a central question in fashion and beauty. And as positive as that shift is, it's resulted in a whole lot of awareness that there's a problem, but not always a commensurate amount of solid info on what to do about it. 

For editors, PR managers, stylists, entrepreneurs, makeup artists and more, this can result in a sense of helplessness. What do you do when you know the issue is important, but there's an overwhelming amount of information to sift through to find the right answer?

Maybe you're in this boat, too — you've noticed that a lot of brands are talking about being carbon neutral, but you're not really sure what that means. Or perhaps you've come to realize that your skincare habit produces a lot of plastic waste but you're not sure how to recycle your empties. Or maybe you're trying to navigate the pros and cons of working with real versus faux leather from an environmental perspective.

Though Fashionista's robust sustainability reporting has long tackled big questions in this arena, we're trying to make it easier than ever to get answers to your most-pressing queries. So we're introducing a new column called "Ask A Sustainability Expert." In it, we'll consult the most qualified people to answer questions that come directly from you, our readers, to make sure that you know how to take action that aligns with your values around sustainability.

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Whether you're an industry veteran or just a devoted fan of fashion, let us know what sustainability questions are keeping you up at night. Shoot us an email at with "Ask A Sustainability Expert" in the subject line, and we'll do the legwork. Watch this space for expert answers coming soon.

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