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11 YouTubers to Follow for a Firsthand Account of What Fashion School Is Really Like

One benefit of Gen Z's propensity to post everything on social media is that a number of them are documenting their college lives in vlog form.
Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for The Fashion Institute of Technology

Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for The Fashion Institute of Technology

Few educational routes sound as fun and seductive as fashion school. But like so many aspects of the fashion industry, reality isn't always as glamorous as things appear from the outside. 

As is the case with any higher learning institution, prospective students can only learn so much from what is presented to them by the institution itself. It always helps to hear from actual students and alumni who can detail what it's really like to attend X school (which is why we weigh their feedback so heavily in our own fashion school rankings).

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One benefit of Gen Z's propensity to document their lives on social media is that there are now a number of YouTubers sharing their college lives in vlog form: dishing on their classes, professors, schedules, life in whatever city their school is located, what they wish they'd known before attending, their portfolios and how they got in. (There are many videos on this topic alone and it's worth a separate search on YouTube if you're interested in this, specifically.)  Some even talk about their careers post-grad.

We scoured the platform to find 11 YouTubers who still attend or recently graduated from fashion schools across the globe and provide regular content that feels authentic, interesting and helpful around their experiences. Read on to meet them all.

Ella Snyder

Ella Snyder had been vlogging pre-college, but today much of her content centers around her life as a student at Parsons School of Design. From dorms to classes to partying to her initial portfolio, her refreshingly honest videos really get into it all for her 110K subscribers.

Wear I Live

New York-based Jenny of Wear I Live is perhaps best known for the cool, thrifted outfits, wellness rituals and sustainability tips she shares on both Instagram and YouTube. But until she graduated last year, she was also a student at FIT and shared a number of "day in the life" vlogs for her 233K subscribers detailing her experience at the well-known fashion school.

Leila Katerina

In addition to outfit and beauty content, the often blue-haired Leila Katerina gives viewers an honest account of her life as a student at Savannah College of Art and Design's Atlanta campus, from what she wears to what she does in class to how she got in.

Derin Adetosoye

Derin Adetosoye, a student at London College of Fashion, generously centers a lot of her videos around telling her 39K subscribers about fashion school — and university in general. She regularly spills tea, answers questions and explains what prospective students should be prepared for.

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The Mian Twins

With the Mian Twins' YouTube channel, you get two FIT students for the price of one. These twins have been thoroughly documenting their first year at the NYC fashion school — including their 2.5-hour commute from Staten Island — for their 28K followers. With part-time jobs in addition to school and YouTube, it offers an authentic look at college life.

Natalia Trevino Amaro

Natalia Trevino Amaro's vlogs as an FIT student detail everything from applying to schools to her major, and also include a year in Italy studying abroad at Polimoda (with which FIT has a partnership).

Paige Secosky

In addition to addictive shopping hauls and apartment tours, LIM student Paige Secosky often documents her school life. Think: homework, classes and hanging out with fellow students.

Madison Wild

On top of the requisite GRWMs, try-on hauls, apartment tours and Coachella vlogs, Madison Wild gives her 48K subscribers a look into her life as an NYC college student. You can see what classes are like at FIT, her homework load and what she does on her days off.

Cody Hughes

While it's been a few months since Cody Hughes last uploaded, many of his videos focus on his experiences at New York's Parsons the New School for Design, from getting in to interesting projects to managing finals week.


Now trying to make it as a designer, Rosie Caldwell has made many videos for her 477K subscribers about her time studying fashion design at Winchester School of Art in the UK, talking about what to expect from a design program, what it's like to create a collection and the rarely-discussed challenges of life post-graduation.

Adyel Juergensen

Adyel Juergensen, a beauty merchandising and management student at FIDM, makes no secret of the fact that she's prioritizing her influencer career over college. But she seems to be finding her education relevant and worthwhile, making an effort to share her experiences as a college student in Los Angeles.

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