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Tell Us How You Really Feel About Attending Fashion Week

Is it too expensive/wasteful/exhausting/pointless? Or is it fun and necessary? Take our survey and share your thoughts.
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It happens every season around a month out from New York Fashion Week. Save the dates suddenly appear in our inbox, calendars start to take shape, European travel plans are discussed. You realize it's time to face reality: This is happening. Again.

As grateful as many of us may truly feel to have a job that involves going to fabulous fashion shows in fabulous cities, you can't deny that conversations around the biannual events have grown increasingly cynical over the years. The very purpose of fashion week has even been called into question: Why go through all the motions of attending a runway show or presentation when we can simply see every look on our computers?

Sure, when you're trying to force conversation with your seatmate while a show approaches the 45-minutes-behind-schedule mark, complaining is an easy way to find common ground. But we want to know: How real and widespread is negative sentiment around attending fashion week? And what is the root of the problem? The hectic, exhausting schedule? The exorbitant travel expenses? The time taken away from your actual job? The carbon footprint of traveling to three-plus cities by plane? Or do you think it's all totally worth it?

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We put together a super quick, anonymous survey to gauge your feelings about going to fashion week. If you regularly attend any or all of the four big fashion weeks, please take a minute to answer it — and share it with your friends and colleagues. We'll share the results in early February. And remember: It's totally anonymous, so be as candid as you'd like!

Take Fashionista's survey on fashion week here.

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