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Margot Robbie Can Pull Off Hot Pink Satin Gloves and I Think That's Unfair

Just one woman's opinion.
Margot Robbie in Dries Van Noten at the London premiere of 'Birds of Prey.'

Margot Robbie in Dries Van Noten at the London premiere of 'Birds of Prey.'

The thing about Margot Robbie is that she can pull off pretty much any look, whether it's head-to-toe Chanel on the red carpet or '90s-era athleisure in movies like "I, Tonya," and I have pretty much accepted that fact at this point.

What I have not accepted — and what I am currently having a hard time forcing my brain to compute — is that Robbie can even make hot pink satin gloves from Dries Van Noten work. I mean, I have to do sophisticated math to try a new waist length in denim, and she just strolls on a red carpet making these look like a wardrobe staple. It's pretty unfair, if you ask me.

Anyway, part of the reason they work is that they play off her fluffy Dries Van Noten top in a really fun way. The ensemble is actually a very deep brown, which helps the pink pop without making it look too comic book character-y — because, while Robbie may be reprising the role of Harley Quinn, going literal is never the move. The feathers and the pink both provide a nice, memorable nod to the movie without going over the top. Similarly, her low-maintenance hair and popsicle-stain lips bring the look to more casual territory.

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