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It's the Best Time of the Year to Sell Your Clothing Online

VSCO girl-approved favorites are particularly high in demand.
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The secondhand market has been growing explosively in the past 18 months and online resale platforms like Thredup, Poshmark and Depop are becoming ever more popular with young shoppers looking for options that have a lower impact on the planet and their wallets. 

"Millennials and Gen Z are adopting secondhand clothing 2.5 times faster than all other age groups," Thredup spokesperson Sam Blumenthal tells Fashionista via email, citing the company's 2019 Resale Report. "It's becoming cool to repeat outfits and wear secondhand. In doing so, you're not only creating a more unique wardrobe — you're also making the most of the resources used to create these garments."

If you're a reselling enthusiast, when's the best time to list your secondhand pieces online? According to data from Thredup, February 24 through March 2 is the ideal, so if there's a perfect to time to begin your spring cleaning, it's now. 

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Items put on sale through what Thredup has called the "Seller's Spree" are predicted to be sold up to 22% faster and sell within one week of listing.


Every year, consumers have different demands, and the category that seems to be taking the cake for this year's spree is VSCO girl themed favorites like Vans slip-ons, Brandy Melville tees and Levi's denim. Perhaps unsurprising, considering the generation leading this charge. According to Blumenthal, "one in three [members of] Gen Z will buy used apparel this year." 

Other categories likely to be top-sellers include athletic outerwear, cause-driven brands like Patagonia, Everlane and Reformation, classic boots and comfy sneakers from the likes of Converse and Nike. Happy selling! 

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