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Daniel Lee Stages His Very Own Spaghetti Western For Bottega Veneta Fall 2020

This is cowboy gear the Italian way.
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A look from Bottega Veneta's Fall 2020 collection. 

A look from Bottega Veneta's Fall 2020 collection. 

In a few short seasons, Daniel Lee has made Bottega Veneta the It brand of all of Milan, if not all of fashion. Devotees can't snap up his square-toed shoes and quilted bag styles fast enough, leading to reported worldwide shortages on certain must-have, Instagrammable styles.

So what will the fashion flock be buying come Fall 2020? This season, Lee put together a collection worthy of a modern, Matrix-inspired cowboy, with an Italian twist — think Spaghetti Western but for the new millennium. 

The outerwear was the real star here, with slick, sharply-tailored black coats ruling the day in everything from wool to leather. Pants featured a slim bootcut, zipped open at the side to reveal the footwear, which is becoming Lee's must-have category for the brand. 

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Underneath all the somber shades were shots of neon, like a green '70s button-down poking out at the collar. And putting the "spaghetti" in "Spaghetti Western" were the multitude of items, from dresses to bags to skirts to pants, featuring long, stringy fringe. They might not be appropriate for the subway commute (unless you like getting stuck in the door, in which case, more power to you) but they're definitely begging for their moment in the street style sun. There were sparkling dresses, oversized with drawstrings up the side and along the sleeves, but they failed to excite the same way as the bedazzled denim — cooler than it sounds, I promise — which comes in creamy beige and dark blue.

The shoes, it must be said, were a little reminiscent of Raf Simons's work at Calvin Klein, especially the angled wedge boots — just add a metal toe and you'd have a strong decoy. Still, that doesn't change the fact that they looked cool as hell, and that, as a bonus, they're probably much more comfortable than Lee's strappy heels and quilted mules. 

See every look from Bottega Veneta's Fall 2020 collection below.

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