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Chromat Imagines the Olympics Without a Gender Binary for Fall 2020

The show-slash-workout brought attention to how athletes are discriminated against for their gender, ability and bodies.

Throughout her 10 years in fashion, Becca McCharen-Tran has worked to challenge both traditional beauty ideals — whether in regards to shape, size, gender presentation or ability — and who gets to participate in fashion through her label, Chromat. Her #ChromatBabes have rewritten pool rules, acted as Miami Beach "Babe Guards" and, for Fall 2020, demonstrated their athleticism as part of the Chromat Olympic team. 

In lieu of a runway, Chromat staged a training session at Rise by We, where the brand's "Olympians" — as usual for the brand, an inclusive mix of folks across size, gender and ability — participated in a workout while wearing the new collection. The point wasn't simply to remind audience members that the summer Olympics are mere months away. Rather, Chromat wanted to bring attention to how trans women, cis women, non-binary and intersex athletes still face discrimination in sports. 

"In protest of the stringent and exclusionary gender binary that has come to define the Olympics, we are hosting a Chromat Olympic Team Training Session to visualize the future of gender fluid inclusion in sport," the brand wrote in its show notes, adding that its "goal is to design empowering garments for all bodies." 

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See all the looks from Chromat's Fall 2020 collection in the gallery below: 

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