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Devon Woodhill's First Ever NYC Sample Sale, 3/11 - 3/12

Get up to 70% off retail prices from Devon Woodhill's 14k and 18k fine jewelry and diamonds.


  • Prices up to 70% off retail
    - Starting price point $100
  • 14K and 18K fine jewelry with diamonds
  • Special features:
    - Will print photos to go inside our signature lockets 

About Devon Woodhill 

Taking inspiration from life, love andamily, Devon Woodhill's designer Melissa Levy explores the path each of us takes, in time-honored pieces — including her signature locket.

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The collection is designed with a whisper from the past but refreshingly modern for today. Pieces are meant to be worn singly or layered, morning through evening — a perfect hybrid of style and meaning, harmoniously delicate and bold.


Today + every day. In jewelry, from Devon Woodhill.