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Prada's Fall 2020 Collection Featured Lots of Tailoring and Fringe

See every look, straight off the runway in Milan.
A look from the Prada Fall 2020 Collection. 

A look from the Prada Fall 2020 Collection. 

When Prada's not busy breaking Menswear Twitter with its fancy water bottles or signing new sustainability agreements or undergoing sensitivity training, it's cranking out clothes — in the case of the Fall 2020 collection, lots of fringe-y ones. 

At Milan Fashion Week, the Italian fashion brand unveiled its latest for autumn. Titled "Surreal Glamour," the collection is a meditation on femininity — "a consideration of the strength of women, an emphasis on an inherent authority found in that which is intrinsically feminine," the show notes read. That meant tailoring mixed with softer, lingerie-like pieces; cutouts and fringe that allow for movement; practical sportswear paired with florals, jewels or mini bags. 

See every look from the Prada Fall 2020 collection, from the structured suiting and coats to the wispy, barely-there sheer dresses, below.

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