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Rick Owens Shows Alien Shoulders and Puffer Capes in a Sneakily Wearable Fall 2020 Collection

But that, of course, did not mean the designer skimped on the eccentricities.
The finale from Rick Owens's Fall 2020 show.

The finale from Rick Owens's Fall 2020 show.

Rick Owens took over the Palais de Tokyo in Paris on Thursday to debut his latest batch of fabulously gothic, famously grunge creations for the fashion week masses, just as he does every season. And just as he does every season, the resulting collection was not quite something for which showgoers could effectively prepare — though this time, that not due to the presence of penis peepholes, human backpacks or cat-hair helmets.

Instead, the designer's Fall 2020 offering was really just...quite wearable, still toeing the line between utter practicality and something decidedly less so. (Remember the peepholes?) All 45 looks were unmistakably Rick Owens in that each embodied the aforementioned gothic grunge — oversized and deconstructed sleeves, and capes constructed from puffer materials — that has entrenched the designer into the big leagues. But it was also sneakily futuristic, with extraterrestrial-esque shoulder silhouettes, clompy platform boots and retro-squared sunglasses. You know, your standard, run-of-the-mill, swinging-by-Duane-Reade everyday stuff.

See the complete Rick Owens Fall 2020 collection in the gallery below:

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