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Anthony Vaccarello Sends Out an Army of Sexy Saint Laurent Secretaries for Fall 2020

There's about to be a bum rush on the latex market.
Looks from the Saint Laurent Fall 2020 collection. 

Looks from the Saint Laurent Fall 2020 collection. 

After seeing what Anthony Vaccarello sent down the Saint Laurent Fall 2020 runway, you might ask yourself: Is this the year everyday latex becomes a thing?

It's been a mainstay of Richard Quinn's for a few seasons now. And on Tuesday night in Paris, Vaccarello put latex in the literal spotlight, presenting a vision for Fall 2020 that was all about the glossy stuff. Whether it was skintight latex pants, latex bustiers or form-fitting latex dresses, there wasn't a single look without it. Balancing out all that sheen were sheer pussy-bow blouses and lacy bra tops under blazers, all paired with a sharply pointed-toe shoe, either laced up at the ankles or in the form of a thigh-high boot made from — what else? — latex. There were also lovely feathered coats which brought to mind Yves Saint Laurent's infamous Spring 1971 collection, inspired by Parisiennes during the Occupation of World War II.

Of course, in a post-#MeToo world — and given recent news developments, especially — all this sex might actually be a tough sell. First there's the practical matter of the difficulty of wearing latex; it's not so easy as just throwing it on before you leave for work in the morning. But there's also the question of whether women, even Vaccarello's sultry muses, want to turn themselves into quite-so-literal sexy secretaries. 

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See every look from the Saint Laurent Fall 2020 collection in the gallery below.

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