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Must Read: Vans Launches Collaboration With Sandy Liang, Ty Haney Steps Down as CEO of Outdoor Voices

Plus, tween and teen beauty is on the rise.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

Vans launches collaboration with Sandy Liang
Sandy Liang is known for her quirky yet forward sense of design — and she brought that sensibility to Vans, creating a unique collection of footwear and apparel that launches today. In a press release, the designer said the collaboration "embodies the playful dreaminess of the nineties, as well as the grittiness of downtown New York City." You can shop the pieces on, select Vans retail locations and {Fashionista Inbox}

Ty Haney steps down as CEO of Outdoor Voices
The Instagram-loved activewear brand Outdoor Voices has struggled to create product to appeal to a broader audience, and as losses grow, founder Tyler Haney has chosen to step down as CEO. General Catalyst and Forerunner Ventures will still invest in the company, but in a lower value than they have in previous rounds. Business of Fashion reports that Haney's market approach wasn't able to reach the heights it needed to operationally and board members believe that under the right leadership, Outdoor Voices has a chance for more growth. {Business of Fashion}

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Tween and teen beauty is on the rise
As the consumer focus on Gen Z continues to gain steam, retailers like Target and Ulta are adding tween and teen makeup brands, like Petite n' Pretty and LYF (Love You First), onto their shelves — and these assortments are showing success. Despite being a new category within the market, the sales and marketing indicate that this targeted age group is starting to experiment with self-expression and is more open to new ideas than the older members of Gen Z. {Glossy}

A decade after his death, what has fashion learned from Alexander Lee McQueen?
Ten years ago, Lee Alexander McQueen took his own life. And although the fashion industry thought that the death would serve as a wake-up call to address mental health, stress and pressure to constantly churn out new ideas, "hustle culture" has prevailed. An anonymous top fashion headhunter told Vogue Business that "not much has changed", and fashion's corporate-driven wellness goals aren't having the impact they should. {Vogue Business}

Glossier releases sustainability commitment
Emily Weiss, Founder and CEO of Glossier, published a letter to consumers about the brand's commitment to sustainability. In it, she discusses recent changes Glossier has made, like giving customers the choice to opt out of excessive packaging, updating shipping boxes to 100% recycled content and taking out unnecessary package liners. The brand will also begin to offer recycling of its famous pink pouches at its retail locations in April. It will also discontinue Glitter Gelée, a product that faced backlash due to the harmful environmental effects of glitter, and is currently researching how to reformulate it with bio-glitter.  {Glossier}

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