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Versace Tones Things Back for Fall 2020

Well, "tones back" is relative, for Versace.
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Last September, Donatella Versace orchestrated the social media moment of the season when she asked one Jennifer Lopez to close out her Spring 2020 fashion show, strutting down the runway in a replica of the iconic jungle dress which, as legend has it, was the genesis for Google Images.

Those hoping for a repeat on Friday night in Milan would be sorely disappointed, as Donatella had something different in mind for Versace's Fall 2020 outing (and Ms. Lopez, it seems, was unavailable). 

Like with the brand's spring showing, the Fall 2020 runway kicked off with a suite of all-black looks: sharply-cut suiting and sleek dresses for the modern CEO or businesswoman, including a pair of kick-flare pants. These were followed by Versace's take on daywear — not everyone's idea of everyday gear, to be sure, but likely to be right up its customer's alley, with plenty of black and red houndstooth, flirty miniskirts, layered-on knits, leather bombers and stompy, damn-near-practical rubber boots and heels with lug soles. (There were platforms, natch: This is Versace, after all.) Sporty, racing colors slipped in amongst all the dark greys, khakis and blacks to add a little zip to otherwise basic — well, again, "basic" for Versace — pieces.

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Then came psychedelic florals and patterns which, at first glance, appeared to be animal prints but upon closer inspection revealed themselves to be Versace V's, radiating out from the center in sequins or stripes. Metallic striped suiting was paired with patchwork denim and leather pencil skirts. Acid oranges and greens peeked out from under silky puffer jackets.

But don't fret: There was also eveningwear, and while it wasn't slit-down-to-there chiffon, it was still pretty sexy. Whether it was "pierced" black tuxedos or dresses, hot-pink power suiting, or dresses featuring high-wattage, puffed-up detailing at the sleeves and bust, there was plenty for the Versace party queen to love, too. 

See all the looks in Versace's Fall 2020 collection in the gallery below:

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